About Piscean Piscean Digital

The company, which has operated under several different names since its inception in 2006, is the endeavor of web developer Scott Hummel.

The company started with a stable of non-profit organizations in need of websites. Scott discovered that a great way to get real-world experience while in school was to approach non-profit organizations in need of inexpensive web development. This proved to be the cornerstone of his business. Some of his clients included Lambda Phoenix Center, Spring Break Inc., Care Directions and iTheatre Collaborative. His business clients included Restoration Bodywork and Massage Therapy, iTheatre Collaborative and Los Olivos Hand Car Wash, and he is currently expanding that reach.

Scott graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2010 and was immediately hired by Universal Laser Systems in Scottsdale. In order to focus on his new full-time position, Scott reluctantly let most of his clients go and dissolved the company, which was then known as Piscean Design. In the course of his work at ULS, Scott evolved from a web designer/developer into a developer focusing on back-end development.

Thanks to the power of the CodeIgniter framework, Scott honed his PHP skills and took them to an entirely new level. After building a content management system for a database driven site, Scott renewed his interest in working with clients on the side. He approached iTheatre and agreed to build a CMS for the local theatre company.

However, active development of CI ceased and Scott was forced to pick another framework. He chose the Laravel framework, which proved to be more flexible and open that CI. Scott has since fallen in love with that framework and is porting most of his projects to it so he can keep the codebase up-to-date, something he was unable to do with CI, which stopped being developed in 2011 or so.

At Spear Education, Scott has learned the Zend 1 Framework and has found that his previous experience with CI and Laravel provided a solid base upon which to build his skills as a developer. At Spear, Scott was also tasked with re-learning front-end skills. This allowed Scott to learn the Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework for responsive design. This will permit all projects he does to serve both desktop and mobile users.

Since he left Spear, he has been delving further into a variety of Laravel projects as he becomes more and more enamored of the ever-improving framework.

About Scott Hummel